2020 Crop Insurance PLC/ARC – Program Decision Update

Recently NASS published their 2019 yield estimates for corn and soybeans in select counties across the state of IL.  Attached to the article contain details.  Please keep in mind these are not the yields used for the ARC-County programs, but our experience tells us the yields they will publish in June should be fairly close to these figures.  After reviewing this additional information the program selection still favors PLC for corn, ARC-CO(County) for soybeans, and PLC for wheat in our area.

The exception to the program selections above would be in a situation where you had prevent plant acres in 2019.  In this case it’s important to investigate the ARC-IC(Individual).  In addition to farms that had prevent plant acres there are certain situations where you could also elect ARC-IC(individual) on farms with low yields in 2019.  It’s important to understand that all farms you enter into the ARC-Individual program will be blended together.  The University of IL farmdoc put together a good spreadsheet tool to help guide this decision:  https://farmdoc.illinois.edu/fast-tools/arc-co-plc-model   We have helped several farmers through this decision process so please contact us if we can help in any way.

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IL-Soybean-Yield-Map 2019 IL-Corn-Yield-Map 2019 2020 ARC PLC Meeting Presentation1